Though provided with the capacity to serve 3600 meals per day, Skychef takes care in confining to the AEA and HACCP principles. With emphasis on Quality and Hygiene, The Muthoot Skychef adopts many Quality Control Processes such as,

  • Regular Hygiene inspection of facility
  • Routine cleaning of all areas and periodic deep cleaning
  • Staff selection - medical checks
  • Staff training - principles of hygiene
  • Strict control over protective clothing worn in processing areas
  • Suppliers - audit
  • Strict quality control over goods procured
  • Potable water assurance

These Stringent specifications help us in constant monitoring and up-gradation of our products so that it meets up to the people’s expectation. We aim for quality with perfection!

Our Global Certifications include HACCP and AEA, whose norms we dedicatedly strive to follow at all times.

We are at par with all other internationally well known companies in airline catering businesses. Using the latest communication equipment available in the airline industry, The Muthoot Skychef ensures much enhanced surveillance, security and safety equipments in all areas, so that the entire area is "security sterile".

Security Measures:

  • Round-the- clock security by Security Services with escorts for the high loaders to the airport and back
  • Closed circuit, CCTV dome & PTZ cameras at all locations in and around the unit, we also have DVR’s with a minimum 40 day back up which are monitored round the clock.
  • Separate entrance for staff with access controlled doors
  • DFMD at the entrance and hand held metal detectors
  • Vehicle under body scanner
  • GPS tracking device installed in all vehicles
  • Photo identity cards provided to all staff
  • Biometric control access entry

Safety Precautions

  • Three- tier fire hazard control system
  • Advanced detectors, alarm systems and sprinkler systems
  • Highly streamlined hazard control procedures
  • Regular safety checks at all points


  • Multiple fax and telephone lines with latest EPABX facilities
  • In- house public address system
  • Mobile phone for all key personnel
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